As a community advocate, I serve as a staff member with The Chicago Inclusion Project where I co-created the EDI  training and consultation series, Being Anti-Racist: An Active Action, for theatre and performance organizations.

I am a founding member of the MENASA MidWest Artist Collective, an action network, advocacy group, and community-based education resource for Middle Eastern, North African, South Asian artists in Chicago.


I am a writer through Rescripted the only BIPOC owned and operated publication in Chicago working to reprogram the way we critically engage with each other using an empathetic lens, while cultivating critics and adding new voices to the field.


I've produced events, workshops and served on the board of the Chicago Chapter of  The Muslim Writers Collective, a national grassroots arts organization aimed at reclaiming the Muslim American narrative. 

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Photo by Joe-Mazza-Brave-Lux