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As a biracial, non-binary, Muslim American, I've often felt the pressure to simplify my existence for the comfort of others, and the loneliness that comes from never getting to see my whole identity reflected in art and media. The inability to fit into one neat little box and the realization I don't have to has inspired my interdisciplinary art practice as an actor, writer, director, educator, and community advocate.


My artistic mission is to:


1. Expand contemporary art that explores the cross-section of multiple identities, with a focus on biracial representation, modern Muslim stories, and centering South East Asian & SWANA communities.


2. Empower artists of color to lead their own narratives & create paths to production outside of predominantly white institutions

3. Upend traditional artistic hierarchies and redistribute power for a uniquely collaborative art-making process 

Instructor at Black Box Acting

Program Manager at The Chicago Inclusion Project

Co-Founder & Organizer with SWANASA Central

Represented by Paonessa Talent Agency

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