After realizing there is only so much systemic power I could lobby from the position of an actor,  I began directing in response to the rampant whitewashing of Asian and Arab American narratives in the Chicago TV/Film/Theatre scene. I believe that creating community-driven anti-racist art-making spaces would help foster collaboration, innovation, and ultimately a top-tier performance. 


Using my training as an actor, acting coach, and community organizer I aim to put equity and a flattened power hierarchy at the forefront of my projects. I aspire to tell stories written by and for people of the global majority, with a soft spot for Queer Muslim, Asian and Arab stories, that highlight the abundance, trauma, joy, and dissonance that lies in multiple intersecting identities.   

Check out my upcoming directing work in Haven Chicago's Director's Haven here and a write-up of my previous work here. .

Hatefuck (reading) - Steppenwolf 1700 Theatre
Train to Zanzibar - Jackalope Theatre