As a biracial first-generation Muslim American living in the diaspora, I have never had the privilege of choosing a singular identity. That truth is reflected in my interdisciplinary form of art-making involving acting, directing, writing, and advocacy work.


As a multi-hyphenate artist, I am committed to being a part of and producing pieces that expand the canon of Middle Eastern and Asian American art. A goal in the art I create is to explore the cross-sections of where multiple identities intersect and find universality through specificity. I aspire to build a pipeline for strong femme leadership & challenge gender roles that are traditionally associated with people of color.

As a community advocate, I serve as a staff member with The Chicago Inclusion Project & a founding member of the MENASA MidWest Artist Collective. I've also produced events, workshops and served on the board of the Chicago Chapter of  The Muslim Writers Collective, a national grassroots arts organization aimed at reclaiming the Muslim American narrative. 

Born & raised in Detroit, I chose to be a Chicago-based artist after graduating from Western Michigan University with degrees in Theatre Performance, Dance, and Sales & Business Marketing.



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